Share with a Stranger

Important Announcement:
I have decided to discontinue Share with a Stranger (previously known as Whispered Words) for many reasons. I will state two here.

1. Recently, due to the lockdown there's been increase in number of domestic abuse cases. Many women contacted me; some asking for help and others just to share. I re-directed those asking help to professionals who could really take some action and some NGO's as well. I encouraged those who only wanted to share that they need to talk to professionals. Despite, helping them in my way I could not get rid of the feeling of helplessness that came with all the listening.

2. I made my mobile number available especially for 'Share with a Stranger' and was contacted on WhatsApp by someone from Tanzania. The woman claimed to be suffering from domestic physical abuse and feared for the life of her children and her. The person left message for me and then was not seen online until the next day and claimed that she was being watched and the night she contacted me she was beaten up. I reached out to someone in Tanzania who worked in media and shared the mobile number. Later on, I was informed by the contact that it had been some local teenager who had been playing a prank. Some people might think it was naive of me to consider anyone would reach out to someone so many miles away but I have been contacted before from various countries. This particular episode upset me, though.