Whispered Words

We all want to be heard. We all have tales to tell, secrets to share, opinions to ask and advice to seek. We all need an unknown friend, who would listen to us and give us unbiased opinions.
I have needed such a friend in my life and I have been one for others. I am no expert who would give you the greatest advice that would miraculously turn your life in the right direction. But, I can be someone who can share two cents and make you think, take steps that would eventually help you to walk the right path.

I am also a Relationship Wizpert and you can chat with me for relationship advice, friendship advice, nurturing love, conflict counselling, personal growth and more. Chatting through Wizpert allows you to rate me as a Wizpert depending on your experience. Please remember to answer the question at the end of the chat whether you found the chat helpful and, if you want to make it easier to reach me through Wizpert dashboard, please make sure you add me as your preferred Wizpert during the chat.

If you do not find me on Wizpert or are uncomfortable with the idea of chatting on another platform please write to me using the "Whispered Words" form provided in this post.

Write to me only if you are serious about it. If you can, I would request you to attach your photograph (or any other person's, if it includes queries concerned to that person) to the form. Once again, I am not a professional but I am pretty much accurate about the face reading :)

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